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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 29, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ time is as still as the far horizon ♪ ♪ when i am walking with my best friend ♪ ♪ i am walking with my best friend. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> coming up, tiger woods breaks his silence. still no meeting with florida state troopters. we'll have the latest on 11 news now. ♪ ♪
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the irresistible "cinnabon" aroma of pillsbury cinnamon rolls bring everyone to the table in their sunday best >> tiger woods explains his suv
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crash, sort of. story tonight. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. tonight, the world's most famous athlete, tiger woods is giving some explanation for that predawn crash of the suv in front of his residence. on his website he says in part the situation is my fault. it's obviously embarrassing to my family and me. but he also says this is a private matter and i want to keep it that way. a meeting today with florida state troopers was cancelled, but the 911 tapes have been released. terrell brown has that story. >> reporter: tiger woods broke his two-day silence sunday on the car accident that put him in the hospital, but he didn't talk with police. on his website sunday, the pga star admitted the only person responsible for the accident is me, but authorities can't be sure of that. for the third time, woods and his wife cancelled their interview with florida state
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troopers. they want to question the couple about the incident. right now they're relying on statements from neighbors and this 911 call. [ i have someone down in front of my house. >> okay, are they trapped inside of the vehicle? >> no, they're laying on the ground. >> reporter: police say woods' wife, elin, heard the crash inside the home and used a golf club to break a rear window to get him out of the vehicle. the website tmz posted pictures of the crash site. >> reporter: legally, woods doesn't have to talk to police. in his online statement, woods says his wife helped him after the wreck. he said any other assertion was absolutely false. that appears to be a response to tabloid reports linking him to a nightclub hostess. she denied a relationship with woods and hired an attorney. in his online statement woods says although i understand there's occur i don't say sti
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-- curiosity, the malicious rumors circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. he's vowed that what happened last woke never happens again. cbs news, orlando. >> tiger woods is schedule today host a tournament this week in california to benefit his nonprofit foundation, but there's no word on whether he intends to show. a local high school football star is dead tonight, the victim of an alcohol- related driving incident. alcohol was a factor in the crash that killed 17-year-old senior and offensive lineman at river hail high was a passenger in the bed after pickup truck that traveled off the road, struck three stone pillars and overturned. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of that vehicle, 2 #- year-old -- 22-year-old and his 17-year-old brother were both injured. they were treated and released at the university of maryland. police say he has been taken into custody tonight, charged
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with several violations, including dui, vehicular homicide while intoxicated and also manslaughter. it happened again. another metro rail accident. again, people have been hurt. three metro employees were injured earlier today when a train heading into the rail yard crashed into a train already parked there. >> reporter: the latest metro rail accident happened sunday around 4:30 in the morning when the last train of the night, a six-car train, pulled into the falls church station rail yard. >> and was suppose today pull right behind another one parked at the yard. and instead, it struck that car. >> reporter: several cars were damaged. the train operator sustained minor injuries. two other workers were hurt. they had just finished cleaning a six-car train when it was rear-ended. they were lucky to get out with minor injuries. >> bumps and bruises from being banged up inside their respective cars and some reports of possible back injuries. but again, they were treated and released this morning. >> reporter: the metro safety
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record may soon be on life support. in the past six months, 11 people have died in metro- related accidents. last june, 8 passengers and a conductor were killed after one train rear-ended another. in august, a track repairman was killed by a gravel spreader and in september, another metro worker perished after being hit by a train. some riders are very concerned. >> any time you have this many people that are hurt and/or killed as a result of accidents, that is a big concern. something needs to be done about that. >> well, i just noticed there's been a big increase in wait times in the metro, a lot more accidents recently. so i think they should think about getting a new manager for metro. >> reporter: metro investigators are looking at many factors to determine the cause of the accident. >> the train speed, the driver's history, the look at the tracks, if there's a problem with the tracks? was there a problem with the rail car. >> reporter: in falls church,
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armando true. >> tonight metro rail is saying the investigation -- the accident is under investigation. federal officials have been notified. the morning commutes will not be effected. one of the busiest travel weekends of the yeert is now wind -- of the year is now winding down. we've got a live picture of what's left of the traffic returning home. this is 395 near sam nary road -- seminary road in alexandery a. earlier today, thousands whether of passengers made their way through reagan national airport. no major delays. moderate gas prices prompted many people to drive rather than pay the higher airline ticket price toss fly to -- prices to fly to their holiday destination. in washington state four police officers were killed when gunmen burst into a coffeehouse and opened fire. the slain officers had been working on their laptops at the time. tonight they're calling it a
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targeted ambush but say they have no motive for that attack. the female and three male officers were all in uniform and catching up on paperwork at the time they started their shift. the brazen morning attack stunned lakewood residents. >> this morning, there was some sirens and stuff going on. that's about all i know. >> what kind of level of response did you hear though? >> there was definitely a lot of action going on. it was alarming the fact that i was aware of it and woke up, it woke me up this morning. >> when you found out what had happened to the coffee shop down at the corner. >> it makes me angry, you know. this doesn't sound like it was something that was aggravated, you know. awfully cold criminal activity. makes you wonder what's going on. >> what kind of coffee shop? just a regular coffee shop? >> yeah, a couple of booths in there, pretty close to home. >> the gunman fled. he's still on the loose tonight. he may have been wounded with the attack. they're looking for a man identified as 37-year-old
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maurice clemens. they say he's a person of interest in the shootings. two coffee shop employees and several customers inside the coffee shop were not hurt. two u.s. senators are calling for criminal charges against a northern virginia couple who crashed last week's state dinner at the white house. democrat evan buy of indiana both said it's important to send a strong deterrent to others. the couple were allowed into the white house dinner tuesday night, even though they were not on the guest list. 9 news now confirmed the couple was interviewed by the secret service yesterday. the agency with primary responsibility for protecting the president has apologized and admitted mistakes were made. reports tonight say the couple has cancelled an appearance on the larry king show for tomorrow and is looking to sell their interview. at least a dozen have been found alive, some hiding in the house where dozen of other cats
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died yesterday. that house fire, caught fire while the owners were away on vacation. the family was reunited with some of the surviving felines. >> reporter: kristin and mark get hugs from members of the fancy cats rescue team. the husband and wife haven't even seen the damage to their home and instead came right from the plane to the deep wood vet nary clinic to observe some of the cats that survived the fire on saturday. they were supposed to be at a vacation in cancun. >> we were checking in when the phone rang and told the house had been on fire and the cats were dead. >> reporter: there were more than 80 cats at their home. the fire was discovered a little more than five hours after the couple left on their trip when the executive director came to feed and care for the animals. >> smoke hit me in my face, and then i fell back. when i got back up, i opened the door, and i saw a few of the cats behind the door, and i couldn't go any further.
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>> the body counted from what i hear is 69. >> reporter: since the fire, a dozen cats have been found alive hiding at various places in the home and there may be more. >> at deep wood vet nary clinic they treated three cats for smoke inhalation, but all of the cats needed a bath. >> cats will clean themselves and try to lick it off. >> reporter: most were rescued from shelters, but 14 of them belonged to critsten tunstill. so far it appears none of those made it through the fire. >> i feel bad for the precious little cats. >> do you think you'll have cats again? >> i hope so, yeah. i hope so. christy's a little gun-shy at the moment, but she'll miss them. >> reporter: dave stat tern 9 news now. >> delta airlines flew the family back from cancun free of charge. mark says fire investigators told him that an electrical cord near a sofa might have led to that fire.
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knew rules to require money lenders to make mortgage payments more affordable for those now at risk to default. that's the word expected from the federal government sometime tomorrow. more than a half of those mortgages are insured by the federal housing administration. officials say fha loans are now approaching a one in ten default rate. 10% of those are 90 days delinquent or in foreclosure. >> i would call it faa insurance armageddon sometime in the next 15 to 18 months you're going to see a major hit on the fha insurance fund. >> could it get worse? it absolutely could. that's what we have to be prepared for. >> the fha says its projected losses could leave the housing administration with only $4 billion in reserves, less than 2% in reserves congress now requires. a respectable start to the holiday season. traffic remains steady throughout the weekend after
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shoppers crowded stores for black friday's morning specials. overall, store sales for the day rose a half percent. retail analysts reports online sales for the combined thanksgiving and black friday rose 11%. most of those purchases came from necessities, like coats, boots and cookware. still ahead on 9 news now, sunday night with a tough economy and the failure rate of new restaurants, why open an et eerie now? -- eatery now? we'll find out why one owner thinks he has the right ingredients. a heist leaves a truck owner looking for clues. how about wakeup weather? it's great to see you. i'm meteorologist kim martucci. tomorrow morning, north and west of town the rain will be moving in. south and east, just cloudy skies. any way you slice it, it will be cool. temperatures in the 40s. i'll talk about your work week forecast coming up next. you're watching 9 news now.
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see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. a dog that had been considered the family pet was shot and killed by police after the dog attacked its owner. police were called to the home on ridge way avenue just after 6:00 last night. they say they spent several hours trying but failing to subdue the 120 pound rottweiler and pit bull mix. the owner underwent surgery last night for puncture wounds to his house. three children were in the house. they were not injured. diners who smoke have but two days left to light up in virginia restaurants and bars. starting tuesday, virginia will join dozens of other states that ban smoking cigars and cigarettes in public restaurants and bars. smoking can continue in public clubs and outdoor patios and separate rooms that are ventilated. morris restaurant plans to
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usher in a smoking ban with a final cigar dinner tomorrow night at its crystal city locations. you can soon pay more for meals in some northern virginia counties. fairfax is weighing whether to add a tax and restaurant. it would help avoid further cuts to schools, libraries and parks. three others already have a meal tax in place. the wave of new restaurants opening in d.c. has not slowed down. this despite some estimates that one of every four will be forced out of business in the very first year. in a bad economy, that figure gets even worse. brittany moore house talks to owners and one new eatery believes this is the time to open. >> derrick and i have quite a few years in the restaurant business, so we've seen ups and downs. >> two brothers with decades of bartending experience say they started dreaming to open up their own place a few years ago. >> the economy was good then. >> reporter: tom brown laughs
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as he talks about how quickly things have exchanged. >> i'm not happy how the economy has gone, but i am happy to find opportunities in there. >> reporter: the opportunities he and his brother have found all come back to their new restaurant, the passenger, located next to the warehouse theater on seventh street. it's the first joint to brave the deserted block across from the convention center. >> part of our concept was finding something a little out of the way, one, because that's what we could afford. two was both derrick and i were born in d.c. and we really believe in the process of revitallyization going on in town. >> reporter: the likes like they're on to something. it has been bustling since last week's grand opening. >> it looks like 120 people in there. that's almost at capacity. >> i'm running on adrenaline and fumes at this point. >> reporter: a lot of research on restaurant openings point to the inevitable, a gradual decline in business. >> of course i'm nervous about that. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. a business model is simple and that's just to make people happy. >> when i look to the future,
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the only thing that goes through my mind is keep doing what i'm doing. i really love doing that it. i think that passion will shine through. >> reporter: 9 news now. >> the brown brothers say most of their market research happened during all the years they were bartending. this will be the first time they're working together and the first time they're actually the bosses. a holiday heist this thanksgiving. a rare antique truck was stolen in tennessee. before he got a chance to feature it in a holiday parade. the 1928 ford was worth $20,000. the red antique had been restored ten years ago with chrome detailing. >> man, i would doubt if there's three or four of them in the state. >> it's big, it's heavy and red and it's unique. so you can't hide it. you know what i mean? >> really, what are you going to do? drive it in a parade? >> the truck owner says he had plans to move it out of the garage but needed help, and thieves beat him to it. in tomorrow's washington
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examiner, more than 30 metro access workers fired for using cell phones while driving have been reinstated, even though they were caught under metro's new zero tolerance policy. you can read that full story in monday's washington examiner. well, with today's great weather be around for the back to work week? and back to school, also. kim's forecast when we come back. (dial-up modem)
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your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >> the j. c. penney big book will soon become a part of christmas past. the texas-based department store says this is the last year to publish the catalog. it's been a source of christmas shopping almost 50 years, but
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now online shopping has made the catalog obsolete. >> a big catalog like this, it has a long lead time to produce. it stays in the customer's home for months and months. so we're not always able to have the most current and relevant merchandise in the book that we would like. >> i kind of like looking at the catalog, but mostly i'll look online now and purchase stuff off line just from the pictures online. >> j. c. penney says it won't be leaving the catalog business completely. the retailer plans to publish smaller specialty catalogs throughout the year. she may have finished second on britain's got talent, but susan boyle is number one on britain's album chart. the debut album of the 48-year- old scottish singer took the top spot on the british music spot. i dreamed a dream sold some copies in the u.s. alone. her album was the largest preorder album in the company's
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history. >> you know what i want for christmas? i want the sound track from fantastic mr. fox. new movie coming out. >> got it. we're writing it down right now. >> all right. so how about rain coming our way tomorrow, then again thursday. pretty big storm towards the end of the week. i want to give you a heads up about that now. it is sunday night. let me help you get ready for your wakeup weather forecast tomorrow. when you get up, there's going to be some rain. let's say between less burg up to -- leesburg up to fredericksburg. more rain coming in here late wednesday and thursday. cooler weather setting up shop. highs only in the 40s starting thursday and into next weekend. so we'll be flirting with some wirt-like weather -- winter- like weather. it's pretty comfortable right now. southern maryland, over towards fredericksburg, you're in the
11:27 pm
60s right now. clouds are thickening up. i did see the moon outside when i was on the weather terrace, but i'm also spotting showers out here in west virginia, western maryland. these are the ones moving across the mason dixon line as your head hits the pillow. low temperatures tonight will be easing back, not as cold as this morning. will be in the middle 40s for the most part from fredericksburg up to frederick. southern maryland around 47. with the lain coming in, we won't be nearly as warm as the 60s we had today. instead we'll be around 54. woodbridge to 53 in warrenton. rain very likely tomorrow. tuesday will be a nice breather day, 52. wednesday, the first half of the day is looking good. showers wednesday afternoon. moisture is streaming up and down the east coast startingtomorrow. it will be raining if you're catching a flight to atlanta, charlotte, north and east towards boston and new york.
11:28 pm
this is a pretty long front that will be right on top of us tomorrow. tonight we're in southwesterly winds, which is why the temperatures won't be going in the 30s. tomorrow we'll see the winds shift to the northwest. the front will be to the east by the middle of the day. that's when the steady rain comes behind the front. that's what we're looking at tomorrow. there will be some snow downwind. great lakes. let me show you the time line. 8:00 tomorrow morning, rain certainly by frederick. middle of the day marching along the i-95 and 270 corridor. get ready for that soaker. by the second half of the day, southern maryland northern neck of virginia will be involved with that. this red line is a freezing line. tuesday night lots of the suburbs will be back in the 30s. tuesday afternoon, snow showers. you guys know the drill out here. you might get snow on your doorstep throughout the day tuesday. that will not be an event happening here in d.c., but our
11:29 pm
mountain regions definitely a chance for snow tuesday afternoon. we'll be looking at partly sunny skies and 52. how about that seven-day outlook? here's how it shapes up. getting ready for rain tomorrow. don't forget the umbrella. not raining when you get up. it will be by the lunch hour. tuesday, great day. wednesday, first day after the day, no problem. thursday, though, a pretty big storm's going to be right on top of us. this will be gusting some winds and more important l it will be bringing down colder air so that later next weekend highs will only be in the 40s with lows even in the 20s come next saturday night. it will feel more like winter. we will be in december by then. >> kim, thanks a lot. got it. thanksgiving is over, of course. residents in one neighborhood are still seeing turkeys, really. a wild turkey has taken over a section of a residential neighborhood. people have tried to trap it, but the neighbors are now trying to keep him. some have even given the turkey a name. this won't come as a surprise,
11:30 pm
kim, tom or turk. they say he loves to outrun and peck at the police officers who tried to bring him in. so far the turkey's manager keeps him at bay. if they catch him, they say he'll be turned over to the department of natural resources. coming up, a quick look at sports plus. stay with us.
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>> sports plus. >> that's what it's called, yeah, i know. >> that's kind of how i feel about the game. what is there to say? >> what you can say is they don't know how to close and what you can say in the fourth quarter with an 8-point league with the eagles 90 yards away from winning that the redskins defense could have stopped them, but they didn't. the redskins 8 losses this year, 5 have come by 6 points or less, which can be taken one of two ways. either they've played a lot of close games and they're more competitive unanimous their record indicates or b, when they get to the doorstep of victory they don't know how to
11:34 pm
walk in. they led most of the game only to cough up the lead in the last quarter. good teams find a way to win despite their handicaps. well, you do the math. >> you see all the guys up there giving great effort, all the guys up there fighting. you know, a lot of teams probably packed it in. not this team. you know, we're going to continue to fight to the end. >> we had the game the whole game and then give it up. that's our season right now. >> as tough as it can get, that's two weeks straight. i can't complain about it. we have to try to win next week. coming up on sports plus, why the redskins have become such unreliable closers. plus she goes one-on-one with one of the few redskins who has been reliable, carter. plus brian mitchell in